Yoga IS Love.

I don’t know much about yoga.  I have been an instructor for less than 2 years, and the studio is about to celebrate it’s one year Anniversary.  

Sanskrit?  I know a few words.  Poses?  Yes, I teach a powerful vinyasa flow.  Do I know all the yoga poses?  No, I am just a beginner and I plan to stay that way. I will keep learning with an open mind and heart and bring all I learn to my students.  Yoga is a lifelong study.  No one will ever know everything there is to know about yoga.  Why?  Because yoga is about love.  Love is never ending.

Saturday mornings I teach both am classes.  The studio is usually busy with newbies and regulars, waivers to be signed, payments to be taken.  Right away, I can feel the students.  If they are anxious, nervous about their first class, bringing in whatever they may be carrying around; and I just let it be.  I am there to give them a practice.  What they take away is what I have to give.  

Last Saturday, I gave one of the new students an assist in half pigeon and she was on her back.  She closed her eyes, and whispered; “I love you.”  I looked at her and I said, “I love you, too.”  What she said next really blew me away.  “I knew you did as soon as I walked in the door.  I could feel it.”

Just as I feel how my students arrive and how they are on their mat, they feel me, too.  They can feel my love.  I love each of them as they are, unconditionally.  

I said to one of my teachers before I did my 200 hour training, “When no one else loves me, I know my yoga teacher does.”  (Thank you, Jen!)

How could I as an instructor not love someone at the most intimate time one is spending with themselves?  

I may not know much about yoga.  I do know how to love.  I know how to be vulnerable and receive love as I guide my students through the practice of self-love.  It is truly a scary thing to put yourself out there that way.  The universe has shown me that the reward is far greater than the risk.  

Yoga IS love.