Anyone that has practiced Power Yoga is familiar with the oh so sweet tension and RELEASE of the practice.  The building of the intensity, the anticipation of the exhale, the welcomed release.

The tension teaches us to stay, breathe, stay longer, breathe more.  Tension builds our character, tries our patience.  It awakens the needy little voice in your head that says, "Just quit, run, get the "F" out of this pose!"  More times than not that little voice is overtaken by the ever so slightly bigger voice in your head that says, "Stay here, you are fine, just breathe, shut the "F" up.."  This builds stamina, emotionally and physically.  

Practice is a physical and emotional tug of war on your mat.  Isn't that what our LIFE is?  Give and Take?  I give = you take, then give back.  You give = I take, then give back.  Ideally, maybe.  Reality, most likely not.  It is a cycle.  Somedays we receive more than we give and somedays we give more than we receive. My practice reminds me that when I just don't think I have one more ounce to give, one more breath to take, one more smile, or one more word to speak not scream; that I DO have that one last ounce, one last breath, one last kind word to say and one last smile to give.  I have one more "I am sorry", one more "Thank You", one more "I love you" without receiving it first.  This practice has taught me that some days (maybe a lot of days)  I take much more than I give.  Thanks for the reminder, Universe.   

All of us know the feeling of being on the brink of "losing our sh*t", our minds, our temper, whatever it is that has built up inside you; it must come out!  Before you run for the hills, scream, hit, cry, or any other action that can not be undone... Stay, breathe, stay longer, breathe more.  Give.  It is here that you will genuinely receive.  

"Do your practice and all is coming."  ~ Sri K. Pattabhi Jois