I've been practicing Yoga at Sundari for over a year now, usually 5-6 days a week. This makes me a true BEGINNER (at the age of almost-60!).

Sundari has a unique and extraordinary energy. You feel it the moment you walk in the front door. This is a true community of like-minded, yet extremely diverse people. In any class there is likely to be a mix of yoga newbies, people who have practiced for years and years, fit young athletes, creaky middle aged people like me .. you name it! We know each other’s names, we care about one another, we respect one another, and most importantly, we LAUGH! Yes, LAUGHING in Yoga!!!

You can find any level of practice at Sundari, from the deeply meditative to the more physical. The instructors are highly trained, exceptionally kind, and always willing to spend extra time with students before or after class.

Sundari has become home way from home for me. Last week, I told the instructor after class “I can NEVER stop doing this!” and I meant it completely. I am so grateful for this special place and for the Sundari community.

- Nancy McKinney


Sundari Power Yoga and regular practice has allowed me to develop self-committment and an enjoyable way to be happy and healthy. The practice and instructors have taught me how to be internally motivating to progressively push myself to try new skills both physically and mentally. This has become a favorite place of mine where I get to be challenged, strong, and also laugh all in one place.
- Jennifer Stiles