Success Stories


amyv10weeksI have done both nutrition and fitness training with Brooke for 3 months and it has completely changed my perception when it comes to health and nutrition! I now understand that the number of the scale is not the most important measurement in fitness and improved health. I have embraced my bi-weekly check ins and feel that Brooke keeps me accountable for my own progress and decisions! Its easy to stray from a nutrition plan day to day, but much harder to explain the deviations when you are accountable to someone else. Brooke has been supportive and readily available to me throughout my journey via phone, email, Facebook and texts.
- Amy 


kajprogressI have been a client of Brooke Tetik’s since June 2012.  Working with Brooke has been a life changing experience for me.  Prior to working with her, my approach to weight loss included lots of cardio and starving myself.


 In May 2012, my life changed  when I had my son.  My body was very different and I wanted to get back in shape desperately.  Running was not an option, my joints were still too limber, and I was experiencing a lot of pain from the impact.  Also, cutting down to one meal a day was not an option, because I was nursing.  Also, when I am hungry, I am not a good Mom, because I am careless, tired & impatient. I wanted better for my son.


During my pregnancy, I trained with Brooke in her home for a few sessions.  After my son was born I reached out to Brooke to ask her for personal training.  She talked to me about the importance of diet above exercise.  In a world where women’s magazine covers boast ‘the ten best exercises to bust that gut’, ‘the butt blasting move to get you ready for summer’, or ‘the workout that got Kim Kardashian back into pre-baby shape’, it is easy start believing that diet is not as important as exercise.  This is a concept that I have struggled with a lot in the two years that I have worked with Brooke as a nutrition coach.  This myth is the single greatest contributor to the times I fall off the wagon, I think I will just work it all off in the gym. Brooke’s support has been invaluable in helping me forgive myself and get back on track.


Working with Brooke is a great experience.  I was acquainted with Brooke prior to her work with me as a nutrition coach, and I always liked her.  Through this experience, I have gained a good friend.  I have joined a few nutrition training forums on face book, and right away I can tell which coach’s succeed and which do not.  The determining factor is empathy.  Brooke is an extremely empathetic coach,  she begins at a place of understanding the circumstances of her client’s lives and helps move them to resolutions that are suited to their lifestyles.  Many times, in weeks of nutrition failure, I have reached out to Brooke and she has helped support me back with techniques that make me successful: water, food prep, quick easy recipes, gum, etc. While these might not be the tools to her success, she recognizes that my path to success is different from hers, I appreciate this about her attitude. 


I am in the best shape of my life working with Brooke.  I have more muscle tone, I feel healthier and I feel empowered to make good choices about my food.  Most importantly, I feel full all the time!

- Name Withheld - LSW